AccentOS® is a modern full construction cloud platform
for solving all problems of virtualization of enterprise IT infrastructure
AccentOS VDI
is a safe environment for virtualizing workplaces of enterprise employees
AccentOS RemoteApp
is flexible access to protected enterprise applications
is high-performance platform for virtualization of operator services SDN, NFV, IoT
AccentOS 3.0.
Attention! A new version of AccentOS software modules has been released (version 3.0, package version 2.0.0).

  • Support for Linux 6.x with improved virtualization functionality, version adapted for licensed operating systems.
  • Support for fully qualified domain names for the instance hostname.
  • Improved MariaDB database for storing key configuration data.
  • Increasing the OpenStack release cycle to 12 months reduces the frequency of updates.
  • Automatic system deployment using podman containers.
  • Support for search attributes in Flavor (CPU, RAM, etc.), obtaining a filter for the list of attributes by deployment ID and key.
  • Create a cluster instance from a list of templates.
Out-of-the-box deployment speed, support automation
Wide range of services for the OpenStack base platform
Extensive experience in integration with corporate information systems
Compliance with regulatory requirements (software registry, certification, certification)
Experience and methodology of migration from vendor platforms (VMWare)
A secure environment for virtualization of workplaces of employees
of the enterprise.

A new version of AccentOS software modules has been released (version 3.0, package version 2.0.0).

Flexible access to protected enterprise applications.
High Availability
  • Implementation of common architectural solutions
  • Fault tolerance platform
  • Metroclusters
  • Load balancing
  • HA/DR for cloud resources
For operators
  • High performance for network services (DPDK/SR-IOV)
  • Virtual data centers
  • Deployment via containers
  • Infrastructure for NFV
  • Automation of support work
  • Integration with OSS/BSS
For private clouds
  • Expanding capabilities for managing virtual resources, containers, K8S
  • VDI, application delivery
  • SAN virtualization, clustered file systems
  • Support for a wide range of equipment and Russian operating systems
Сompany has a Russian-language support service. If you encounter problems during operation, please contact technical support. Before contacting technical support, please read the instructions.
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